"Gabe is a conscientious leader and independent thinker. He will have my vote."

"It's easy for candidates to recite a list of problems. This year I am voting for the only candidate who could tell me how he is going to fix them. Gabe Paulson. It is not a hard decision."

"I am proud to support Gabe Paulson for Marin County Supervisor. His work ethic is of the highest standard. He thinks practically and strategically, volunteers to take on difficult tasks and solve complex problems in practical and actionable ways."

"He's thought it through, done his homework and knows his stuff."

"Gabe always sees ahead of the curve. He is absolutely on target about the coming crisis in eldercare, and spot on about the solution. He has my enthusiastic endorsement.

"Gabe has breadth and depth in environment, housing, equity and fire safety issues that few can match."

"I am happy to endorse you for Supervisor, you clearly would be very good at it."

"Gabe is one of the most conscientious persons I've ever known. I think he epitomizes what citizens look for in a perfect representative: A great listener, a seeker of sensible, workable solutions to thorny problems, and immensely graceful under pressure."

"Gabe is on target about the coming crisis in eldercare. He has my enthusiastic endorsement."

"I lost a son to drug addiction. Gabe has my support because he’s the only one talking about how to fix it. Sound ideas and a deep commitment to saving teens from the scourge of illegal drugs."

“Gabe will hit the ground running and make things happen in areas that are important to me, including climate.”

“As a scientist, businessman, parent and proven community leader, Gabe brings a unique set of perspectives and abilities to the Supervisor position. And when it comes to really challenging issues, such as climate and sustainability, we need elected officials who can lead with knowledge as well as compassion. Gabe has both.”


Pablo Ballora

Amy Bloodgood

Gillian Cassel

Catherine Cracchiolo

Hillary Culhane

Roberta Dillon

Gabe Gesmer

Ina Gottlieb

Ariana Johar

Amardeep Johar

Charles Jones

James Kirsner

Joan Kirsner

Victor Levin

Annalise Mazonas

Marcia Mazonas

Peter Mazonas

Tom McAuliffe

Larry Meredith

Caitlin Mitsuoka

Patricia Mitsuoka

Steven Mitsuoka

Patrick Mitsuoka

Robert Moorehead

Kevin Morris

Natasha Murphy

Ed Pfeiffer

Jen Pfeiffer

PJ Pfeiffer

Josette Purkey

Laurie Rice

David Ripperton

Robert Shores

Benjamin Soccorsy

Terry Sternberg

Eric Torney

Mark Wittenkeller

Heidi Woods

Linda Henn

I endorse and support Gabe as our Supervisor. Gabe cares about the issues facing all of Marin – young and old. He will fight to address substance use issues and other battles to make Marin County even better.

Susanne Losch

“(During Rose Lane HOA meeting on Creek policy), Gabe provided helpful constructs so that opposing community members could listen to each other’s position, put aside differences, and move forward.  It was a win-win-win.”

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