Gabe's Vision

Why I’m running for Supervisor

For every problem that becomes a crisis, we wonder why those who could have done something didn’t. Public officials are supposed to lead. It’s what I intend to do as your next Supervisor.

On the issues section of this website, I explain exactly how I plan to solve the problems and challenges facing Marin County.

I am the only candidate to help write policy and vote on all key issues facing our district: Mayor of Larkspur, founding member of the Marin Wildfire Prevention Agency, member of the Flood Zone 9 Board, Larkspur Housing Element Committee, several ad hoc Rent Board Committees, SMART Board and Marin Clean Energy Board Member. I am the only candidate with extensive healthcare experience, a critical qualification since 1/3rd of the County budget is Health and Human Services.

I do not take big checks. You can be sure that I will never be beholden to special interests. Small donations are welcome.

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